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      We are Pam and Richard and we specialize in Havanese.  Our breeding program focuses on breeding only from top healthy Champion lines.  We make sure that the Havanese brought in to the islands are only of the best temperament and quality.  We work very closely with both national and international breeders.


     While the Havanese we own are considered show dogs, they are first and foremost our pets.  Each has a unique personality, just as our children do.  The puppies are raised with love in our home, where our dogs are first-hand members of the family.


     Health testing is very important to us and is a must.  Anything can happen when you have puppies, but with health tested parents, you minimize your risks.  Each new little life that is brought into this world deserves the best chance we can give them.


     Whether you are looking for companion pet or for show, our extremely well socialized Havanese puppies are sure to win your heart and make a loving addition to your home and family.







Mahalo !!!

 When you buy a puppy from a reputable breeder,

you are buying more than a puppy.


You are buying a lifetime of

thought, caring, crying, mentoring, frustration, 

heartbreak and financial loss.

But with more moments of pure joy than anyone

can imagine.


You are not just buying a puppy,

you are buying a piece of the breeder's

heart and soul.

You are buying a piece of their life.


All we want back

is for you to feel the same joy we do

each and every day our puppy graces your life.



Recognized & Awarded for Dog Breeding Excellence

Proud to be Hawaii's State Contact 


Havanese Rescue of America



For more information

Contact us at:

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